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Heaven's Marriage Manual

DVD and CD Included

This book discusses what God says in the Bible about marriage, divorce and remarriage. Also included is a marriage workshop DVD and a radio program CD discussing no-fault divorce.

May I Marry Another?

This booklet summarizes what was taught about marriage, divorce and marrying again in seminaries, churches and by pastors from Jesus time until the mid 1950’s. The author says, “It’s (still) good enough for me!”

Is Your Marriage Shirt Buttoned Wrong?

This DVD gives an overview about marriage, divorce, and marrying another according to the teachings of the Holy Bible.

About The Author

Marlin Docter is the Director of MSM, and also the father of four children, the grandfather of fourteen and great-grandfather of ten. Marlin retired after serving 40+ years in full time Christian ministry.

The Epidemic

In the last few years, God has burdened Marlin’s heart over the divorce epidemic in America and the devastation divorce brings to children. Marlin understands there are about 6,646 divorces every day in America; annually this affects more than one million children.

Marlin’s Response

Marlin volunteered as the Midwest Associate with Christian Principles Restored (CPR), to develop materials and teach what God says about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. Marlin has written and distributed over 1200 Code Blue! BIBLE’s and recently updated the materials and renamed the book “Heaven’s MARRIAGE Manual”. Over 10,000 manuals, booklets, and DVDs have been mailed.

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