Marriage 101

Marriage 201

Marriage 301


PACKAGE FOUR. Get a FREE hard copy of Marriage 101 with a purchase of  PACKAGES TWO, Marriage 201 and THREE, Marriage 301 at a discounted price of $79.70 and includes shipping, handling and applicable tax. The total value of all three, Marriage 101, 201 and 301 is $119.40. 


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PACKAGE ONE. Marriage 101, a 28-page booklet in color, including seven colored pictures, covering topics related to Marriage and Family—Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Repentance, Forgiveness and a CALL TO ACTION section. There are three ways to obtain your copy of Marriage 101

1) purchase a hardcopy for $­­9.90. (price includes shipping, handling and applicable tax);

2) obtain a FREE hardcopy of Marriage 101 with the purchase of PACKAGE FOUR; or

​3) download a copy from our Web site for $1.00.

Please select the package that works for you!

PACKAGE THREE. Marriage 301 for $59.80 and includes one Seminar Manual, three DVDs, two CDs and also includes shipping, handling and applicable tax.
 1.  Includes one Seminar Manual (with permission to copy these pages for you group.)
 2.  DVD # 1 is a two+ hour DVD of the Marriage Seminar and follows the Seminar Manual.
 3.  DVD # 2 is a 35 minute shortened Seminar edited from the full seminar.  Ideal for youth groups, home schooling families and groups that support Children and Families. 
 4.  DVD # 3 is a 5 minute DVD edited from the 35 minute DVD to be used to promote your seminar in your church, youth group, Bible Study group, etc.  (View on Home page.)
 5.  CD # 1 is an interview on Viewpoint Radio with host Mr. Crismier and guest Dr. Webb.
​ ​ 6.  CD # 2 a message delivered by Dr. Webb as the Key Note Speaker at the first International Marriage Conference. 



PACKAGE TWO. Marriage 201 for $39.90 includes one Marriage Manual, one DVD with four pastors speaking on marriage, and includes shipping, handling and applicable tax.

​ 1.  Includes one Marriage Manual.  Read “Manual Contents”. 
 2.  A DVD of four pastors addressing ”Divorce and Re-marriage” combined on one DVD. 
 3.  Dr. Webb, Ordained Minister with 50+ years of experience as a Pastor-Teacher. 
 4.  Pastor Ray McMahon, 30+ years as pastor and serves as Principal of a Christian School.
 5.  Pastor Casey Whitaker, Sr. Pastor for 16+ years and Author of a book on marriage. 
​ 6.  Pastor Heath Penewit, shares about the divorce of his parents and his pain.