Following my divorce, I believed in a very weak way that marriage was permanent Until Death. However,since my wife had remarried, I was looking for Biblical
support to get remarried too.

In my early studies I seemed to find more evidence for the Until Death position than for the remarriage position. However, pastors and friends told me repeatedly that since my wife had remarried, I too was free to remarry.

My customary response was, “Thanks for the encouragement. I would prefer to be married. Please show me in the Bible where it says I am free to remarry, since my wife has remarried.”

Not one pastor or friend gave me Biblical evidence supporting a second marriage for me. I concluded that my encouragers were just too busy to write out Bible verses to support my remarriage. My work in Christian ministry allowed me to become close friends with pastors in many states.

One day I had a brilliant idea:  If pastors were too busy to write down Bible support verses to justify my remarriage, perhaps I could encourage them with an offer similar to that used in business. Here’s what I said:  “No doubt your church could use a little extra money. I’m sure you would not give me advice to do something that you could not back up with Scripture. Here’s my offer:  You told me it would be okay for me to remarry, as my wife has already remarried. I will give $1,000.00 to your church if you can show me from the Bible where I can remarry without violating other Scripture.”

The reaction was most generally an overwhelming big smile with a, “That’s a deal, I’ll get right on it.” My next follow-up call without exception resulted in, “I’m working on it, Marlin.”

Over a period of years, I made this $1,000.00 offer to more than 20 pastors and several mature Christian friends, and never received a Biblically based response.

A couple of pastors did respond with this suggestion, “Marlin, you need to read this book.” I bought and read the prescribed book. Books of this type were most often written by authors who “tickled the ears” of readers by twisting Scripture to say what readers wanted to hear. A familiar underlying theme was, “God wants you to be happy.” I noticed these writers ignored Mark 10:5-12, Rom. 7:1-3, and other verses.

I became convinced remarriage was wrong because more than 20 pastors in personal conversations and follow-up research could not, and did not, provide credible Scriptural support that remarriage was Biblical.   This lack of evidence for remarriage, and Jesus’ words in Luke 16:18, “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery” made me a solid Marriage Stander Until Death. I would have paid out $1,000.00 to a credible response, but there wasn’t even one; no not one.  

​ It was the lack of Bible verses supporting remarriage that convinced me to be a stronger Marriage Stander and to follow God’s promptings to write Marriage 101 and Marriage 201 and develop the Marriage 301 Seminar, (available on DVD). All three are available at 

My $1,000 offer!